Total games: 1061



NameAlternate namesTypePySol version
Gypsy French (Gypsy)1.00
Klondike French (Klondike)1.00
Irmgard French (Gypsy)1.00
8 x 8 French (Klondike)1.00
Relaxed FreeCell French (FreeCell)1.01
Relaxed Seahaven Towers French (FreeCell)1.01
Picture GalleryDie Bildgallerie
French (Two-Deck game)1.02
FreeCell French (FreeCell)1.02
Seahaven TowersSea Towers
French (FreeCell)1.02
Relaxed Spider French (Spider)1.03
Spider French (Spider)1.03
BraidDer Zopf
French (Napoleon)1.03
Forty ThievesNapoleon at St.Helena
Le Cadran
French (Forty Thieves)1.03
Grounds for a DivorceScheidungsgrundFrench (Spider)1.10
Big Harp French (Klondike)1.11
Eiffel Tower French (Pairing)1.11
Matriarchy French (Two-Deck game)1.11
Klondike by Threes French (Klondike)2.90
Yukon French (Yukon)2.90
Russian Solitaire French (Yukon)2.90
Double Klondike French (Klondike)2.90
Forty and Eight French (Forty Thieves)2.90
Spiderette French (Spider)2.90
Gargantua French (Klondike)2.90
King Only Baker's Game French (FreeCell)2.90
Odessa French (Yukon)2.90
Double Klondike by Threes French (Klondike)2.90
Scorpion French (Spider)2.90
Windmill French (Two-Deck game)2.90
Baker's Dozen French (Baker's Dozen)2.90
Westcliff French (Klondike)2.90
Beleaguered Castle French (Beleaguered Castle)2.90
Union SquareBritish SquareFrench (Two-Deck game)2.90
Golf French (Golf)2.90
Lara's GameThirteen PacksFrench (Two-Deck game)2.99
Pyramid French (Pairing)3.00
Small HarpDie kleine HarfeFrench (Klondike)3.00
ElevatorEgyptian Solitaire
Pyramid Golf
French (Golf)3.00
PileOnFifteen PuzzleFrench (One-Deck game)3.00
Bristol French (Fan)3.00
ChameleonKansasFrench (Canfield)3.00
Baker's Game French (FreeCell)3.00
ForeCell French (FreeCell)3.00
Baby Spiderette French (Spider)3.00
Will o' the Wisp French (Spider)3.00
Black WidowScarabFrench (Spider)3.00
Simple Simon French (Spider)3.00
Steps French (Klondike)3.00
MontanaGapsFrench (Montana)3.00
Royal Cotillion French (Two-Deck game)3.00
Odd and Even French (Two-Deck game)3.00
Fan French (Fan)3.00
Shamrocks French (Fan)3.00
Thumb and Pouch French (Klondike)3.00
Osmosis French (One-Deck game)3.00
Peek French (One-Deck game)3.00
Casino Klondike French (Klondike)3.00
Miss Milligan French (Gypsy)3.00
Blue MoonRangoonFrench (Montana)3.00
PenguinBeak and FlipperFrench (FreeCell)3.00
Giant French (Gypsy)3.00
Eastcliff French (Klondike)3.00
Whitehead French (Klondike)3.00
Lexington Harp French (Yukon)3.00
Indian French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Number Ten French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Rank and FileDress ParadeFrench (Forty Thieves)3.00
MariaMaria LuisaFrench (Forty Thieves)3.00
Midshipman French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Streets French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Old Mole
French (FreeCell)3.00
Milligan Cell French (Gypsy)3.00
Waning Moon French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Busy Aces French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Blind Alleys French (Klondike)3.00
Castles in Spain French (Baker's Dozen)3.00
Martha French (Baker's Dozen)3.00
Spanish Patience French (Baker's Dozen)3.00
Good Measure French (Baker's Dozen)3.00
Scotch Patience French (Fan)3.00
Trefoil French (Fan)3.00
Monte CarloQuiltFrench (Pairing)3.00
Simple Carlo French (Pairing)3.00
Simple PairsJamestownFrench (Pairing)3.00
Neighbour French (Pairing)3.00
Royal East French (One-Deck game)3.00
Hopscotch French (One-Deck game)3.00
Auld Lang SynePatienceFrench (Numerica)3.00
Fourteen French (Pairing)3.00
Carpet French (One-Deck game)3.00
Black Hole French (Golf)3.00
Rainfall French (Canfield)3.00
Straight Up
Thirteen Up
French (Canfield)3.00
Superior Canfield French (Canfield)3.00
Variegated Canfield French (Canfield)3.00
American Toad French (Canfield)3.00
Cruel French (Baker's Dozen)3.00
Canfield French (Canfield)2.02
Double Canfield French (Canfield)2.90
Pas Seul French (Klondike)3.00
Rainbow French (Canfield)3.00
Deuces French (Forty Thieves)3.10
Courtyard French (Forty Thieves)3.10
DoubletsDouble or QuitsFrench (One-Deck game)3.10
Eagle Wing French (Canfield)3.10
Zebra French (Forty Thieves)3.10
Grandmother's Game French (Spider)3.10
Little Forty French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Spaces French (Montana)3.10
Red Moon French (Montana)3.10
Sieben bis As French (Montana)3.10
Die Koenigsbergerin French (Gypsy)3.10
Bad SevenDie boese SiebenFrench (Two-Deck game)3.10
Mississippi French (Yukon)3.10
Griffon French (Yukon)3.10
Interregnum French (Numerica)3.10
Tower of Hanoy French (Puzzle)3.10
Lucas French (Forty Thieves)3.10
Red and Black French (Forty Thieves)3.00
Eight Times EightAchtmal AchtFrench (Klondike)3.10
Three Shuffles and a Draw French (Fan)3.20
Vegas Klondike French (Klondike)3.20
Perpetual MotionFirst LawFrench (One-Deck game)3.20
Double Rail French (Forty Thieves)3.20
Super Flower Garden French (Fan)3.20
Batsford French (Klondike)3.20
Betsy RossFairest
Four Kings
Musical Patience
Quadruple Alliance
Plus Belle
French (One-Deck game)3.20
Terrace French (Terrace)3.20
General's Patience French (Terrace)3.20
Blondes and Brunettes French (Terrace)3.20
Falling Star French (Terrace)3.20
Poker Square French (Poker)3.20
Poker Shuffle French (Poker)3.20
Cat's TailDer KatzenschwanzFrench (FreeCell)3.20
SnakeDie SchlangeFrench (FreeCell)3.20
Kingdom French (Two-Deck game)3.21
Maze French (Montana)3.21
Citadel French (Beleaguered Castle)3.30
Streets and Alleys French (Beleaguered Castle)3.30
Fortress French (Beleaguered Castle)3.30
Chessboard French (Beleaguered Castle)3.30
Diplomat French (Forty Thieves)3.30
Congress French (Forty Thieves)3.30
Lady Palk French (Forty Thieves)3.30
The Last MonarchDer letzte MonarchFrench (One-Deck game)3.40
Pas de Deux French (Montana)3.40
Brunswick French (Yukon)3.40
Wheel of Fortune Tarock4.00
Imperial Trumps Tarock4.00
Pagat Tarock4.00
Skiz Tarock4.00
Fifteen plus Tarock4.00
Excuse Tarock4.00
Grasshopper Tarock4.00
Double Grasshopper Tarock4.00
Bits n Bytes Hex A Deck4.20
Hex A Klon Hex A Deck4.20
Der kleine Napoleon French (Napoleon)4.20
Der freie Napoleon French (Napoleon)4.20
Napoleon French (Napoleon)4.20
Free Napoleon French (Napoleon)4.20
Lady Betty French (Numerica)4.20
Tam O'Shanter French (Numerica)4.20
Strategy French (Numerica)4.20
Russian PatienceDie RussischeFrench (Two-Deck game)4.20
Long BraidDer lange ZopfFrench (Napoleon)4.20
Memory 24 French (Memory)4.20
Memory 40 French (Memory)4.20
Concentration French (Memory)4.20
Ponytail Tarock4.30
Pegged Trumps only4.30
Pegged Cross 1 Trumps only4.30
Pegged Cross 2 Trumps only4.30
Pegged 6x6 Trumps only4.30
Pegged 7x7 Trumps only4.30
Wasp French (Spider)4.41
Alaska French (Yukon)4.41
Chinese Discipline French (Yukon)4.41
Chinese Solitaire French (Yukon)4.41
Queenie French (Yukon)4.41
Rushdike French (Yukon)4.41
Russian Point French (Yukon)4.41
Abacus French (Yukon)4.41
Relaxed Pyramid Pyramid's StonesFrench (Pairing)4.41
Rachel French (Spider)4.41
Quadrangle French (Forty Thieves)4.41
Corona French (Forty Thieves)4.41
Triple Line French (Forty Thieves)4.41
Napoleon's Exile French (Forty Thieves)4.41
Single Rail French (Forty Thieves)4.41
Nomad French (Gypsy)4.60
Sanibel French (Yukon)4.60
Cavalier Tarock4.60
Five Aces Tarock4.60
Wicked Tarock4.60
Nasty Tarock4.60
Fortunes French (One-Deck game)4.60
Hanoi Puzzle 4 French (Puzzle)4.60
Hanoi Puzzle 5 French (Puzzle)4.60
Hanoi Puzzle 6 French (Puzzle)4.60
Pegged Triangle 1 Trumps only4.60
Pegged Triangle 2 Trumps only4.60
Weddings French (Pairing)4.60
Russian Aces French (One-Deck game)4.60
Belvedere French (Fan)4.60
Somerset French (Beleaguered Castle)4.60
Monte Carlo (2 decks) French (Pairing)4.60
Milligan Harp French (Gypsy)4.60
Carlton French (Gypsy)4.60
Memory 30 French (Memory)4.60
Rouge et Noir French (Gypsy)4.60
Stonewall French (Raglan)4.60
Flower GardenThe Bouquet
The Garden
French (Raglan)4.60
Brigade French (Raglan)4.60
Easthaven French (Gypsy)4.60
Westhaven French (Gypsy)4.60
Blockade French (Gypsy)4.60
Intelligence French (Fan)4.60
Limited French (Forty Thieves)4.60
Agnes Sorel French (Gypsy)4.60
Jane French (Raglan)4.60
Canister French (Beleaguered Castle)4.60
Raglan French (Raglan)4.60
King AlbertIdiot's DelightFrench (Raglan)4.60
Alhambra French (Two-Deck game)4.60
Nestor French (Pairing)4.60
Agnes Bernauer French (Raglan)4.60
CalculationProgressionFrench (One-Deck game)2.00
NumericaSir TommyFrench (Numerica)2.00
Eight Off French (FreeCell)2.01
Dead King Golf French (Golf)2.01
Relaxed GolfPutt PuttFrench (Golf)2.01
Grandfather's Clock French (One-Deck game)2.01
Phoenix French (Raglan)fc-0.8.0
Double FreeCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Triple FreeCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Dover French (Fan)fc-0.8.0
Four Leaf Clovers French (Golf)fc-0.8.0
House in the Wood French (Fan)fc-0.8.0
Spider (1 suit) French (Spider)fc-0.8.0
Spider (2 suits) French (Spider)fc-0.8.0
Double Yukon French (Yukon)fc-0.8.0
Triple Yukon French (Yukon)fc-0.8.0
Triple Klondike French (Klondike)fc-0.8.0
Triple Klondike by Threes French (Klondike)fc-0.8.0
Galary French (Montana)fc-0.8.0
Moonlight French (Montana)fc-0.8.0
Napoleon's Tomb French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Grandfather French (Yukon)fc-0.8.0
Kings French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Camelot French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Escalator French (Golf)fc-0.8.0
French (Canfield)fc-0.8.0
Jumbo French (Klondike)fc-0.8.0
Ten Across French (Yukon)fc-0.8.0
Panopticon French (Yukon)fc-0.8.0
Retinue French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Push Pin French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Royal Marriage French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Small PileOn French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Bisley French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Royal Family French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.8.0
Capricieuse French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.8.0
NationaleZigzag CourseFrench (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.8.0
Curds and Whey French (Spider)fc-0.8.0
Napoleon's Square French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.8.0
Colorado French (Numerica)fc-0.8.0
Open Peek French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Salic Law French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Stronghold French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.8.0
Fastness French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.8.0
St. HelenaNapoleon's Favorite
Washington's Favorite
French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Tournament French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
La NivernaiseNapoleon's FlankFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Three Blind Mice French (Spider)fc-0.8.0
Zerline French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.8.0
Heads and Tails French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Portuguese Solitaire French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.8.0
Mrs. Mop French (Spider)fc-0.8.0
Emperor French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.8.0
Dumfries French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Galloway French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Robin French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Wave Motion French (One-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Gate French (Canfield)fc-0.8.0
Little Gate French (Canfield)fc-0.8.0
House on the Hill French (Fan)fc-0.8.0
Needle French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Haystack French (FreeCell)fc-0.8.0
Clover Leaf French (Fan)fc-0.8.0
Carthage French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Algerian Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.8.0
Octave French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.0
Bastion French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Ten by One French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Lanes French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
Thirty Six French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
The Wish French (Pairing)fc-0.9.0
The Wish (open) French (Pairing)fc-0.9.0
SultanSultan of TurkeyFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Sultan + French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Mumbai French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.0
Open Jumbo French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
Take Away French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Four Stacks French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Challenge FreeCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Super Challenge FreeCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Buffalo Bill French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Moosehide French (Yukon)fc-0.9.0
Intelligence + French (Fan)fc-0.9.0
Cicely French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Trillium French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Lily French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Chelicera French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Scorpion Head French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Scorpion Tail French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Free Fan French (Fan)fc-0.9.0
Arachnida French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Miss Muffet French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Q.C. French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
Chequers French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Nordic French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Aces Up 5 French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Boudoir French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Frog French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Fly French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Gnat French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Fort French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.0
Spider Web French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Munger French (Canfield)fc-0.9.0
Northwest Territory French (Raglan)fc-0.9.0
Morehead French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Spidercells French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Seven by Four French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Seven by Five French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Simon Jester French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Pitchfork French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Vertical French (Pairing)fc-0.9.0
Ripple Fan French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.9.0
Genesis French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Genesis + French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Double Bisley French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Gloria French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Realm French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Mancunian French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Backbone French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.0
Backbone + French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.0
Gloaming French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Chamberlain French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Jungle French (Montana)fc-0.9.0
Spaces and Aces French (Montana)fc-0.9.0
Applegate French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Bath French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Big Spider French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Box Fan French (Fan)fc-0.9.0
Kingsdown Eights French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Roslin French (Yukon)fc-0.9.0
Senate French (Raglan)fc-0.9.0
Senate + French (Raglan)fc-0.9.0
Arizona French (Raglan)fc-0.9.0
British ConstitutionConstitutionFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
New British Constitution French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Castle of Indolence French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Clink French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.0
Zerline (3 decks) French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Triple Canfield French (Canfield)fc-0.9.0
Great Wheel French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Mount Olympus French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Zeus French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Rittenhouse French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.0
Big Divorce French (Spider)fc-0.9.0
Toad French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Acme French (Canfield)fc-0.9.0
Perseverance French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.9.0
All in a Row French (Golf)fc-0.9.0
Amazons French (Numerica)fc-0.9.0
Aunt Mary French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
Box Kite French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Bridesmaids French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Captive QueensQuadrilleFrench (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Carre Napoleon French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.0
Cone French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.0
Duke French (Canfield)fc-0.9.0
German Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Bavarian Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Fortune's Favor French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.0
Corners French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
ContradanceCotillionFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Idle Aces French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.0
Double Dot French (Klondike)fc-0.9.0
Little Billie French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Minerva French (Canfield)fc-0.9.1
Lady of the ManorVassal
La Chatelaine
French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Matrimony French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
New York French (Fan)fc-0.9.1
Octagon French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.1
Opus French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.1
Parallels French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Patriarchs French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Puss in the Corner French (Numerica)fc-0.9.1
Queen of Italy French (Terrace)fc-0.9.1
Robert French (Golf)fc-0.9.1
Rows of Four French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.1
Seven Devils French (Raglan)fc-0.9.1
Shifting French (Numerica)fc-0.9.1
Simplex French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Simplicity French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Sixes and Sevens French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Solid Square French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.1
Squadron French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.1
York French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Deep French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.2
Twenty French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.2
Big York French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Big Spider (1 suit) French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Big Spider (2 suits) French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Australian Patience French (Yukon)fc-0.9.2
Repair French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.2
Spider 3x3 French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Raw Prawn French (Yukon)fc-0.9.2
Cell 11 French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.2
Double Easthaven French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.2
Triple Easthaven French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.2
Spider (4 decks) French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Very Big Divorce French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Bim Bom French (Yukon)fc-0.9.2
Algerian Patience (3 decks) French (Three-Deck game)fc-0.9.2
Spidike French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Fred's Spider French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Fred's Spider (3 decks) French (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Open SpiderBeetleFrench (Spider)fc-0.9.2
Josephine French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.2
Surprise French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.2
Four Colours French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.2
Granada French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.2
Double Russian Solitaire French (Yukon)fc-0.9.3
Zodiac French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Spike French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Phantom Blockade French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Moving Left French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Souter French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Strategerie French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Big Forty French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Ali Baba French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Cassim French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Demon French (Canfield)fc-0.9.3
Corner Suite French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Elba French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Saratoga French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Trusty Twelve French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Knotty Nines French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Sweet Sixteen French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Czarina French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Four SeasonsCorner Card
Vanishing Cross
French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Dieppe French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Imperial Guards French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Millie French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Triple Russian Solitaire French (Yukon)fc-0.9.3
Little Napoleon French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Acquaintance French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Whitehorse French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Geoffrey French (Yukon)fc-0.9.3
Marie Rose French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Mystique French (Canfield)fc-0.9.3
Lady Jane French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Inquisitor French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Arabella French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Steve French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Signora French (Terrace)fc-0.9.3
Madame French (Terrace)fc-0.9.3
Wake-Robin French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Wake-Robin (3 decks) French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Big Streets French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Number Twelve French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Big Courtyard French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Express French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Lightweight French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Castle Mount French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Big Cell French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Big Braid French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.3
Double Scorpion French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Triple Scorpion French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Ocean Towers French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Carnation French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Indefatigable French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.9.3
Troika French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Quads French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Boost French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Gotham French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
German FreeCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Canfield Rush French (Canfield)fc-0.9.3
Artic Garden French (Raglan)fc-0.9.3
Intrigue French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Selective Castle French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Queensland French (Yukon)fc-0.9.3
Outback Patience French (Yukon)fc-0.9.3
DoorwaySolsticeFrench (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Final Battle French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
San Juan Hill French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Russian SpiderUkrainian SolitaireFrench (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Double Russian Spider French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Gold Rush French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Mamy Susan French (Terrace)fc-0.9.3
Harvestman French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Exiled Kings French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Master French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.3
The Little Corporal French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.3
Bonaparte French (Napoleon)fc-0.9.3
Usk French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Waterloo French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Batsford Again French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
KingCell French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Farmer's Wife French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
How They Run French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Big Deal French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Royal Parade French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Virginia Reel French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Parliament French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Wheatsheaf French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
One234 French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Diamond Mine French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Cover French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Scuffle French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Foursome French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Quartets French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Junction French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Grand Duchess French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Numerica (2 decks) French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Marshal French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Double Acquaintance French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Dutch Solitaire French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Delivery French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Twin Queens French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
The Spark French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Royal Aids French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Hypotenuse French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Eternal TriangleLobachevskyFrench (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Right Triangle French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Primrose French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Long Tail French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Short Tail French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Gold Mine French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Double Gold Mine French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Interchange French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Unlimited French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Breakwater French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Forty Nine French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Indian Patience French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Three Pirates French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Trapdoor French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Flamenco French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Wood French (Terrace)fc-0.9.3
Firing Squad French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Eclipse French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Lucky Thirteen French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Lucky Piles French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Double Fives French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Roosevelt French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Last Chance French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Chinese Klondike French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Pantagruel French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Giza French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Thirteens French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Elevens French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Elevens Too French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Suit Elevens French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Fifteens French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Picture Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Assembly French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Anno Domini French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
American Canister French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
British Canister French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Brisbane French (Spider)fc-0.9.3
Interment French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Skippy French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
StrataPersian PatienceFrench (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.9.3
Legion French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Frames French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Grant's Reinforcement French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Sly Fox French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Faerie Queen French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Glencoe French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Fanny French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Open Sly Fox French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
British Blockade French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Laggard Lady French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
ParisienneLa Parisienne
French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Grand Duchess + French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Triple Alliance French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Les Quatre Coins French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Regal Family French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Grandmamma's Patience French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Princess Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Step-Up French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Fascination FanDemon FanFrench (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Soother French (Four-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Queen Victoria French (Raglan)fc-0.9.3
Crossroads French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Tuxedo French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Big Bertha French (Raglan)fc-0.9.3
Alternation French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Floradora French (Forty Thieves)fc-0.9.3
Athena French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Chinaman French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Circle Eight French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Strategy + French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Bastille Day French (Terrace)fc-0.9.3
Royal Rendezvous French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Shady Lanes French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Brazilian Patience French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.3
Circle Nine French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Lafayette French (Canfield)fc-0.9.3
Measure French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Double Measure French (Numerica)fc-0.9.3
Saxony French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Adela French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Crescent French (Fan)fc-0.9.3
Headquarters French (FreeCell)fc-0.9.3
Doublets II French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Castles End French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.3
Eight by Eight French (Klondike)fc-0.9.3
Ladies Battle French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Senior Wrangler French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Striptease French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Pharaohs French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
AccordionIdle Year
Tower of Babel
French (One-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
BaronessFive PilesFrench (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Apophis French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Cheops French (Pairing)fc-0.9.3
Toni French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.3
Dolphin French (Golf)fc-0.9.4
Double Dolphin French (Golf)fc-0.9.4
The Last Monarch II French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.9.4
Spanish Patience II French (Baker's Dozen)fc-0.9.4
Penelope's Web French (Beleaguered Castle)fc-0.9.4
Trapdoor Spider French (Spider)fc-0.9.4
Kingsley French (Klondike)fc-0.9.4
Double Kingsley French (Klondike)fc-0.9.4
Scarp French (Gypsy)fc-0.9.4
Chinese Spider French (Spider)fc-0.9.4
Incompatibility French (Spider)fc-1.0
Scorpion II French (Spider)fc-1.0
Fifteen French (Baker's Dozen)fc-1.0
Exit French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Four Winds French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Boxing the Compass French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Two Pyramids French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Thieves of Egypt French (Klondike)fc-1.0
Triple Interchange French (Forty Thieves)fc-1.0
Tarantula French (Spider)fc-1.0
King Tut French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Dial French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Famous Fifty French (Forty Thieves)fc-1.0
Deck French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Fechter's Game French (Spider)fc-1.0
Hospital Patience French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Glacier French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Formic French (Numerica)fc-1.0
Brush French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
HemispheresThe Four ContinentsFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Khedive French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Board Patience French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Colonel French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Casket French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
The Red and the Black French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Florentine Patience French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
Big Ben French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Can Can French (Raglan)fc-1.0
Double Pyramid French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Triangle French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Up and Down French (Pairing)fc-1.0
Double Line French (Numerica)fc-1.0
Four by Four French (One-Deck game)fc-1.0
S Patience French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Busy Cards French (Napoleon)fc-1.0
PaganiniLong TripFrench (Montana)fc-1.0
Hawaiian French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Barrier French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Waterfall French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
Bebop French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.0
The Jolly Roger French (Spider)fc-1.1
Leprechaun French (Gypsy)fc-1.1
Flipper French (FreeCell)fc-1.1
Shamrocks II French (Fan)fc-1.1
Treasure Trove French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Peek II French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Well French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Locked Cards French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
School French (Fan)fc-1.1
Vague French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Thirty French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Twelve Sleeping Maids French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Devil's SolitaireBannerFrench (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Eight Packs French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Topsy-Turvy Queens French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Eight Sages French (Klondike)fc-1.1
Right and Left French (Pairing)fc-1.1
Thirty Two Cards French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Two Rings French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Phalanx French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Three Fir-trees French (Golf)fc-1.1
Wave French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Napoleon Takes Moscow French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Napoleon Leaves Moscow French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Hurricane French (Pairing)fc-1.1
Spoilt French (Montana)fc-1.1
ClockTravellersFrench (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Boomerang French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Forest Glade French (Fan)fc-1.1
Footling French (FreeCell)fc-1.1
Double Footling French (FreeCell)fc-1.1
Grandee French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Turncoats French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Voracious French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Desert Island French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Limpopo French (FreeCell)fc-1.1
Cringle French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Twilight Zone French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Flake French (Golf)fc-1.1
Flake (2 decks) French (Golf)fc-1.1
Blind Patience French (Forty Thieves)fc-1.1
Reserves French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Flourish French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Amphibian French (Numerica)fc-1.1
Choice French (Three-Deck game)fc-1.1
Tabby Cat French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Manx French (One-Deck game)fc-1.1
Maine Coon French (Two-Deck game)fc-1.1
Double Montana French (Montana)fc-2.0
Aglet French (One-Deck game)fc-2.0
Catherine the Great French (Two-Deck game)fc-2.0
Four Packs French (Two-Deck game)fc-2.0
Wasatch French (One-Deck game)fc-2.0
Beacon French (One-Deck game)fc-2.0
Foothold French (Forty Thieves)fc-2.0
Kentish French (Two-Deck game)fc-2.0
Quads + French (Fan)4.10
Relaxed Three Fir-trees French (Golf)4.10
La Belle LucieFair Lucy
Midnight Oil
French (Fan)2.90
Aces UpAces High
French (One-Deck game)3.00
Mahjongg Altar Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Arena Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Arena 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Arrow Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Art Moderne Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Balance Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Bat Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Beatle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Big Hole Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Bizarre Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Boat Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Bug Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Butterfly Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Castle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Cat and Mouse Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Ceremonial Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Checkered Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Chip Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Columns Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Crown Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Cupola Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Deep Well Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Dragon Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Dude Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Enterprise Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Eye Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg F-15 Eagle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Farandole Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Fish Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Five Pyramids Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Flowers Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Flying Dragon Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Fortress Towers Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Full Vision Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Full Vision 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Future Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Garden Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Gayle's Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Glade Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg H for Haga Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Helios Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg High and Low Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Inca Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Inner Circle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Joker Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg K for Kyodai Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Km Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kujaku Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Labyrinth Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Lion Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Lost  Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Maya Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Mesh Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Moth Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg N for Namida Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg New Layout Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Order Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Pattern Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Portal Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rocket Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Scorpion Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Screw Up Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Seven Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Seven Pyramids Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Shield Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Siam Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Square Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Squares Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Squaring Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stairs Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Star Ship Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Step Pyramid Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stonehenge Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg SunMoon Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Temple Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg The Door Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg The Great Wall Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Theater Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tile Fighter Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tilepiles Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Time Tunnel Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tomb Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Traditional Reviewed Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tree of Life Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Twin Temples Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Vi Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Victory Arrow Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Wavelets Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Well Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Yummy Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Another Round Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Aqab's Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Big Mountain Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Bridge Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Butterfly 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg ChessMania Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Cross Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Cupido's Heart Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Diamond Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Dragon 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Empty Pyramids Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Fish face Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Floating City Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Hidden Words Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Hovercraft Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Hurdles Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tornado Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg IloveU Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Inazuma Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg JPs Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Japan Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Krebs Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kumo Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 14 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 17 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 18 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 20 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 23 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 24 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 25 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 26 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 27 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 28 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 41 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Kyodai 42 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Lattice Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Loose Ends Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Mini Traditional Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Mini-Layout Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Mission Impossible Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Multi X Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Okie's Nitemare Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Orbital Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Owl Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Pantheon Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Papillon Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Pyramid 1 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Pyramid 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Quad Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rectangle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Reindeer Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rings Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg River Bridge Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Roman Arena Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rugby Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Shapeshifter Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Space Bridge Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Space Shuttle Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stage 1 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stage 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stairs 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stairs 3 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Stargate Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Sukis Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Temple 1 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Temple 2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Totally Random-Made Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Trika Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Twin Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Two Domes Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Vagues Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Well2 Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Whatever Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Win Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg X-Files Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg X-Shape Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Taipei Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Hare Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Horse Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rat Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Tiger Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Ram Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Wedges Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Monkey Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Rooster Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Dog Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Snake Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Boar Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Ox Mahjongg4.10
Mahjongg Bridge 2 Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Faro Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Two Squares Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Twin Picks Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Roost Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Big Castle Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Eight Squares Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Big Flying Dragon Mahjongg4.10
Double Mahjongg Sphere Mahjongg4.10
Half Mahjongg Happy New Year Mahjongg4.10
Half Mahjongg Smile Mahjongg4.10
Half Mahjongg Wall Mahjongg4.10
Shisen-Sho 14x6 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Shisen-Sho 18x8 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Shisen-Sho 24x12 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Shisen-Sho (No Gravity) 14x6 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Shisen-Sho (No Gravity) 18x8 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Shisen-Sho (No Gravity) 24x12 Mahjonggfc-0.5.0
Not Shisen-Sho 14x6 Mahjonggfc-2.0
Not Shisen-Sho 18x8 Mahjonggfc-2.0
Not Shisen-Sho 24x12 Mahjonggfc-2.0
Oonsoo Hanafuda3.20
MatsuKiri Hanafuda3.20
Gaji Hanafuda3.20
Flower Clock Hanafuda3.20
Pagoda Hanafuda3.20
Samuri Hanafuda3.20
Great Wall Hanafuda3.20
Hanafuda Four Winds Hanafuda3.20
Sumo Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Big Sumo Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Little Easy Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Big Easy Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Easy Supreme Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Just For Fun Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Firecracker Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Easy x One Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Relax Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Double Samuri Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Super Samuri Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Double Your Fun Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Cherry Bomb Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Oonsoo Too Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Oonsoo Strict Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Oonsoo Open Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Paulownia Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Lesser Queue Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Greater Queue Hanafudafc-0.5.0
MatsuKiri Strict Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Japanese Garden Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Japanese Garden II Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Six Sages Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Six Tengus Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Japanese Garden III Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Hanafuda Four Seasons Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Oonsoo Times Two Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Eularia Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Peony Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Iris Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Pine Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Wisteria Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Flower Arrangement Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Katrina's Game Tarockfc-0.5.0
Bridget's Game Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Fatimeh's Game Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Kali's Game Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Dojouji's Game Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Lara's Game Relaxed French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.5.0
Lara's Game Doubled French (Two-Deck game)fc-0.5.0
Katrina's Game Relaxed Tarockfc-0.5.0
Katrina's Game Doubled Tarockfc-0.5.0
Bridget's Game Doubled Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Kali's Game Relaxed Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Kali's Game Doubled Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Fatimeh's Game Relaxed Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Dojouji's Game Doubled Hanafudafc-0.5.0
Cockroach Tarockfc-0.5.0
Double Cockroach Tarockfc-0.5.0
Corkscrew Tarockfc-0.5.0
Serpent Tarockfc-0.5.0
Rambling Tarockfc-0.5.0
Mughal Circles Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Ghulam Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Shamsher Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Eight Legions Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Ashrafi Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Tipati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Ashwapati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Gajapati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Narpati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Garhpati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Dhanpati Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Akbar's Triumph Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Akbar's Conquest Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Matsya Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Kurma Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Varaha Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Narasimha Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Vamana Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Parashurama Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Ten Avatars Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Dashavatara Circles Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Balarama Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Hayagriva Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Shanka Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Journey to Cuddapah Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Long Journey to Cuddapah Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Surukh Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Appachan's Waterfall Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Hiranyaksha Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Dashavatara Dashavatara Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Vajra Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Danda Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Khadga Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Makara Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Ashta Dikapala Mughal Ganjifafc-0.5.0
Klondike Plus 16 Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Hex A Klon by Threes Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
King Only Hex A Klon Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
The Familiar Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Two Familiars Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
10 x 8 Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Drawbridge Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Double Drawbridge Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Hidden Passages Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Cluitjar's Lair Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Merlin's Meander Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Mage's Game Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Convolution Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Hex Labyrinth Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Snakestone Hex A Deckfc-0.5.0
Three PeaksTri PeaksFrench (Pairing)fc-0.5.0
3x3 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
4x4 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
5x5 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
6x6 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
7x7 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
8x8 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
9x9 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
10x10 Matrix Trumps onlyfc-0.5.0
Three Peaks Non-scoring French (Pairing)fc-0.5.0
Le Grande Teton Tarockfc-0.5.0