General Ganjifa Card Rules

Ganjifa are playing cards from India and other nations in the region. Usually round, some rectangular decks have been produced. The most significant difference between Ganjifa and other types of cards is that Ganjifa cards have traditionally been individually hand painted. There are any where from eight to twelve or more suits per deck, each suit having usually twelve ranks. The two most common Ganjifa decks are the Mughal which has eight suits and the Dashavatara which has ten. The suits have pip cards numbered from Ace through ten and two court cards, the Wazir and the Mir. Ganjifa solitaire games play the same as games that use the standard deck but the larger number of different cards in a deck (96 or 120) adds an element of complexity. The fact that each suit has it's own color makes things quite interesting in games that use "Alternate Color" row stacks.

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