How to play PySol

Mouse Usage

Left mouse button:

Right mouse button (or double-click the left button):

Middle mouse button (or Ctrl-click the right button):

Ctrl-click the left mouse button:

Shift-click the left mouse button:

Two-handed play

Put three fingers of one hand on 'A' (auto drop), 'S' (undo) and 'D' (deal). You can also reach 'R' (redo) from there.

Left-handed people may prefer using 'L' (auto drop), 'K' (undo) and 'J' (deal).

Automatic play

Note that automatic play can spoil the gameplay, so purists should not enable any option but maybe Auto face up. Also, some games disable certain features as they would be trivial otherwise.

Auto face up

Auto drop Auto deal Quick play

The animation is too slow...

Unfortunately the Tcl/Tk toolkit lacks a sprite concept, so there is a lot of (invisible double-buffered) redraw going on when dragging cards around.

Disabling Card shadow, Shade legal moves, background table tiles and sound will somewhat improve the display speed.

The table tiles look strange

Background table tiles should only be enabled when using a true-color video mode - otherwise they may look bad because of dithering.

BTW, you can add your own background tiles by copying the images to the main data/tiles or your home ~/.PySolFC/tiles directory.

Some notes about scoring

Undocumented key bindings

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