Yukon type. 1 deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick Description

A combination of Yukon type and Calculation type game elements.


The four Foundations build up by suit the following way: The first pile from Ace, by one. The second pile from Two, by two. The third pile from Three, by three. The fourth pile from Four, by four.

Club:     A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T J Q K
Spade:    2 4 6 8 T Q A 3 5 7 9 J K
Heart:    3 6 9 Q 2 5 8 J A 4 7 T K
Diamond:  4 8 Q 3 7 J 2 6 T A 5 9 K

Cards in Tableau are built down by suit, the ranks going the opposite way as the foundations: Club down by one, Spade down by two, Heart down by three and Diamond down by four.

Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence, and an empty space can be filled with any card or sequence.

When no more moves are possible, click on the Talon. One card will be added to each of the playing piles.

General rules

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