Akbar's Triumph

Braid type. One deck. Two redeals.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Braid played with a single Mughal Ganjifa deck.


Game play is like Braid. In this variation there are two Braid stacks that each have their own set of Braid reserve stacks. The game lay out starts with the eight foundations in the outer most columns. The next two columns inwards are the eight Braid reserves. Then there are two columns with four general reserves each. The inner most two columns are the two Braid stacks. Each Braid starts with twelve cards. When one of the Braid reserves becomes open the card at the top of the corresponding Braid will be moved there. When all the cards from one of the Braids are removed a card from the other Braid will be used.

The game is named after the reputed inventor of a twelve suited Ganjifa deck of singular splendor. It was engraved on ivory and hand painted by court artisans. No cards from this pack are known to still exist.


Build sequences on the rows that will play when the correct card turns over from the talon. This game type requires careful strategy to win.

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