Appachan's Waterfall

Dashavatara Ganjifa game type. 1 deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the Foundation.

Quick description

Build complete suits in descending rank order on the tableau then move them to the single foundation in ascending rank and suit order. Refer to the general Ganjifa description for the suit order used.


Cards will play on the tableau in descending rank order without regard to suit. They can only be moved to the single foundation when a complete suit of twelve cards is finished and only in ascending suit order. The suit of the Fish Incarnation is first, the Tortoise next etc. When a suit is ready to be moved to the foundation, press (a)uto or play with auto drop enabled and all twelve cards will move there in order. Four cards are dealt to each of the ten rows when the game begins. Press (d)eal or click the talon to deal the next round of one card to each row. The reserve stacks to either side of the foundation will take one card each. Cards on the reserves may only be played to the rows.


Make every play possible before dealing the next round. While the cards will play in rank order only, it's helpful to also work on playing them by suit.

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