Bits n Bytes

Hex A Deck type. 1 deck. One redeal.


Fill all row stacks.

Quick description

Fill Byte stacks by matching the goal card's byte value, fill bit stacks by matching the corresponding bit value.


When play begins the four left most columns are filled with four goal cards of different ranks, one from each suit. The next two columns to the right are the byte stacks. They can be filled with cards of the same rank as the goal card in that row. The four right most columns are the bit stacks. They can be filled with cards of the same suit as the goal card in the respective row if their least significant bit matches the corresponding bit on the goal card.

Cards from the talon are turned over to the waste pile, two at a time. There is only one redeal.

The only function of the Wizards in this game is to block the waste stack at the worst possible time.


Since there are only four cards of any one rank, it's important to fill the byte columns first.


This game and documentation has been written by T. Kirk and is part of the official PySol distribution.

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