Braid (Der Zopf)

Napoleon type. 2 decks. 2 redeals.


Move all cards to the foundations.


This game is somewhat harder and requires thoughtful strategy.

The layout consist of a Braid of 20 cards, two groups of four helper fields, four braid fields (each showing a picture of a braid), the waste pile, and the eight foundations. The first card automatically dealt to a Foundation sets the beginning value for all foundations, and an indicator displays the value of that card.

You choose whether the sequences on the foundations will be ascending or descending, and your choice is displayed in an indicator. The choice is made when you place the first card on a foundation which is not the already-determined base card. It must follow suit and must have a numerical value of either one more or one less than the base card. Ace is considered one higher than King, and at the same time one less than Two.

You may place cards on the foundation from anywhere on the table, including the end of the Braid. The eight helper fields can be filled from the waste pile but not from the Braid or the braid fields. When you move a card from a braid field to the foundation, that field is automatically filled with the last card on the Braid itself.

In going through the talon, you are limited to three rounds, and an indicator reports on that status.


You can use the helper fields to temporarily store cards you expect to use soon, and you can leave them open until the right card comes up from the Talon.


This is a solitaire variant of German origin.

General rules

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