Double Bridget's Game

Hex A Deck game type. 4 decks. 2 redeals.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Lara's Game with sixteen rows, one redeal and Hex A Deck variations. This is the same as Bridget's Game with four decks and two redeals.


Refer to the description of the deal in Lara's Game. The differences are that the cards are dealt to seventeen piles instead of fourteen and if a dealt card is of rank eleven or over one card is dealt to the talon. Otherwise the dealing rules are the same.

Play is the same as Lara's Game with two exceptions. The first exception is that there is one redeal. When the talon is empty after the first round the cards are gathered up from the tableau and dealt to the rows without being shuffled using the same dealing rules as in the first round.

The other exception is the extra reserve stack just to the right of the rows and the top foundations. This reserve stack has the potential to save a game that would otherwise be lost. The way it works is this. When empty it will accept any Wizard card, but only from a foundation. Once a Wizard has been played on it, it will accept any two cards from any of the row stacks. Once played on the stack, cards can only be removed by playing them to a foundation.


Don't play on the extra reserve stack unless you are sure the top card will play to a foundation soon.


This game is dedicated to the memory of Bridget Bishop, hanged as a witch on June 10, 1692 in Salem Massachusetts, U. S. A. and to the nineteen other victims of that notorious witch hunt.

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