Cluitjar's Lair

Klondike type. One deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Klondike with Hex A Deck variations.


Game play is like Klondike. The rows build down in rank in alternate color. Any card or sequence may be played on an empty row. The Wizards will play in their proper rank position on the tableau regardless of color. While two or more Wizards will play on top of each other, the stack must still be of alternating colors to be a movable sequence. Cards are dealt from the talon one at a time. There is no redeal. Cards may be played from the foundations.


The Wizards will not play to their foundation until all the suit cards are on theirs. That can make the end game a bit of a puzzle. Use an empty row to move them out of the way.

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