Der kleine Napoleon

Napoleon type. 1 deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


This game is somewhat harder and requires thoughtful strategy.

The layout consist of 4 foundations in the middle, 8 row stacks (4 on each of the left and right side), 2 reserve stacks (one on each of the left and right side), and a free cell in the middle.

The row stacks and reserve stacks grow from the middle and are laid out open, but only the outer card is in play.

The foundations build either up or down in suit, depending on the first card you play there. They wrap around from King to Ace and Ace to King.

The 8 row stacks build both up and down in suit, also wrapping around. Only a single card can be moved, and free rows can be filled with any single card.

There is no building on the 2 reserve stacks. Cards can only be moved to other stacks from there.

Finally there is one extra free cell that can hold any single card. But to move a card back from the free cell at least one of the two "blocking" reserve stacks must have been cleared.


Try Der freie Napoleon if you have troubles understanding the rules - it is the exactly same game in a different layout.


Decide carefully if you build the foundations up or down.

Getting a free row stack should be one of your highest priorities.

General rules

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