Double Dojoujis's Game

Hanafuda game type. 4 decks. No redeal.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Lara's Game with four Hanafuda decks.


Refer to the description of the deal in Lara's Game. The difference is the use of four Hanafuda decks instead of two 52 card standard decks When a first rank card is dealt to the rows two cards are dealt to the talon. There are twelve first rank cards in a Hanafuda deck. There are 16 rows in this Lara's game version. Cards are dealt to all sixteen rows based on their rank and which deck they are from. The four decks are shuffled together on the talon.

The foundations take four complete rounds of a suit. After the last card of the first round is played to a foundation the first card of the second round will play.

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