Flower Clock

Hanafuda type. 1 deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


This one is for people who want a mindless distraction. It's a good way to learn the suits and ranks of the flower cards. The foundations build from fourth rank to first, by suits. Any fourth rank card can be played on any open foundation stack, but a game doesn't count as a win unless the suits are in their proper order. That means Pine is at 1 o'clock, Plum at 2 o'clock etc. Once a card is played on a foundation stack it can't be taken off except by undoing the move. There can be no more than eight cards in a row.

The cards in the tableau build from first rank to fourth, without regard to suit. The third and fourth rank cards are interchangable. Any card can be played on the canvas.

This is Grandfather's Clock with flower cards.


Hint: try to keep a row open to the canvas.


This game and documentation has been written by T. Kirk and is part of the official PySol distribution.

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