Hanafuda type. 1 deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


When the cards are dealt, one card of each rank is placed on the four foundation stacks. The remaining 44 cards are dealt to the tableau. Cards from the tableau can be played on the foundations by rank, in circular suit order. That is, Plum 1 plays on Pine 1, Rose 2 plays on Iris 2, and Pine 3 plays on Phoenix 3. Gaji is wild. It can play on any card in the tableau and any card can play on Gaji. Any card can also be played on the canvas. Gaji will only play in its proper position on the foundation. Cards play on the tableau by suit in decending rank order. There can be no more than twelve cards in a row. Once a card is played on a foundation stack it can't be taken off except by undoing the move.


Hint: try to keep a row open to the canvas.


This game and documentation has been written by T. Kirk and is part of the official PySol distribution.

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