Mughal Ganjifa type. One deck. Unlimited redeals.


Move all cards to the foundations.

Quick description

Play is similar to Klondike. The rows build down by rank in "alternate" colors.


The cards on the tableau build down by rank in alternate colors. The foundations build up in rank by suit starting with the Ace. Only the Mirs (Kings) may be played on an empty row. The Mughal Ganjifa deck has eight suits and each suit has it's own color. This makes it a bit of a challenge at times to know what colors are the "alternates". If a card doesn't play one place, try a different card of the same rank. Cards are dealt from the talon three at a time. There is no limit on redeals. Cards may not be played from the foundations.

This game is one of a series of games that have names ending in "pati" which transliterates as "lord of". Garhpati means "Lord of Forts". The names are the names of the suits in a twelve suit Ganjifa deck.


Uncover the deepest row stacks first. Move cards on the tableau to allow playing cards from the waste stack.

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