Grandmother's Game

Spider type. 2 decks. No redeal.


Group all the cards in sets of 13 cards in descending sequence by suit from King to Ace and move such sets to the foundations.

Quick Description

Just like Relaxed Spider, but deal 60 cards face up at game start.


60 cards are dealt open face in 10 piles. Piles build down by rank, regardless of suit. However, sequences that are all of the same suit are preferred because these are available for further movement.

A free space can be filled by any single card or sequence.

The object is to group the cards in sets of 13 cards, from King to Ace of the same suit. Such groups can be moved to a free space and then off the game by a mouseclick.

When no more sensible moves are available, click on the talon. One card will be added to each of the playing piles (this includes the at this time free spaces too).

You may deal new cards at any time.


Grandmother's Game is a complex strategic solitaire game which cannot be solved very often. A good way to get to a satisfactory solution is to establish at least one, better two or even more, free spaces to get room for moving the cards and fit them together to descending suits.


This is a Spider type game of German origin.

General rules

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