Great Wall

Hanafuda type. 4 decks. No redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


Cards can be played on the tableau by suits or by rank. Plum 1 plays on Pine 1, Maple 3 on Mum 3, Pine 2 on Phoenix 2, etc. Any second rank card can be played on any first. The third and fourth ranks are interchangable for all suits. Only first rank cards can be played on the canvas. There can be no more than 26 cards in a row.

The foundations are of two types. The finish foundations at the top on the left and right, and the build foundations on the bottom. Cards must be played on the foundations by rank in suit order. The finish foundations will only accept cards as a complete set of all twelve suits. The build foundations will accept only one card at a time. The finish foundations will accept three complete sets of suits. The build foundations will accept one. When all four decks are on the foundations in order, you have won. Cards can be moved from the build foundations to the finish foundations or to the tableau. They cannot be moved from the finish foundations.


Since any particular card will usually play in several different places on the tableau it's probably possible to win every hand of Great Wall.

Hint: don't play all your first rank cards on the foundations until all the cards are face up.


This game and documentation has been written by T. Kirk and is part of the official PySol distribution.

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