Grounds for a Divorce

Spider type. 2 decks. No redeal.


Group all the cards in sets of 13 cards in descending sequence by same suit and move such sets to the foundations. The sequence may wrap around.

Quick Description

Like Spider, but sequences wrap around from Ace to King, and no card will be dealt to an empty space.


50 cards are dealt in 10 piles. Cards are built down, regardless of suit. However, sequences that are all of the same suit are preferred because these are available for further movement. A space can be filled by any card or legal group of cards.

Sequences wrap around, i.e. Kings may be placed on Aces.

The object is to group the cards in descending sets of 13 cards of the same suit. These sequences may wrap around as well. Such groups can then be moved to the foundations.

When no more moves are possible, click on the talon. One card will be added to each non empty space.


This is my favorite Spider variant. Even more decisions, and with a fair chance of coming out. The original German name is Scheidungsgrund.

General rules

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