Raglan type. 1 deck. No redeals.


Move all cards to the foundations.


Cards in the Tableau are built down by alternating color. Groups of cards can be moved. An empty pile in the Tableau can be filled with a card whose rank is one lower than the base card or with a group of cards starting with a card with this rank.

Cards are dealt from the Stock to the Reserve. Each deal places one card on each pile of the Reserve.

The top card of each Reserve pile is always available for play on to either the Tableau or the Foundation. There is no building on the Reserve piles.

Foundations are built up in suit from the base card. New Foundations are started when a card of the same rank as the first card placed during the dealing period are placed on empty Foundation piles. Aces are placed on Kings, and twos on Aces. Cards in Foundations are still in play. Double clicking on a card will move it to the appropriate Foundation pile if such a move is possible.


The deeper something is, the harder it is to get to. Try and move cards out of the Reserve whenever possible.

General rules

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