Double Kali's Game

Dashavatara Ganjifa game type. 2 decks. 3 redeals.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Lara's Game with twelve rows, three redeals and a reserve stack.


Refer to the description of the deal in Lara's Game. The differences are that the cards are dealt to thirteen piles instead of fourteen and if a dealt card is of rank Pradhan or over one card is dealt to the talon. Only one 120 card Dashavatara deck is used. Otherwise the dealing rules are the same.

Play is the same as Lara's Game except that there are three redeals. When the talon is empty after each round the cards are gathered up from the tableau and dealt to the rows without being shuffled using the same dealing rules as in the first round. The foundations take two complete rounds of a suit. After the first Raja is played to a foundation the second Ace will play.

The reserve stack will take any four cards from the rows.


Use the reserve stack to allow buried cards to play. The best times to use it are just before a redeal. Once played to the reserve a card may only be moved from it to a foundation.

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