King Only Hex A Klon

Klondike type. One deck. One redeal.


Move all cards to the Foundations.

Quick description

Similar to Klondike with Hex A Deck variations.


Game play is like Klondike with the Wizards being wild. They can be played on the tableau as any rank or color. Once a Wizard is played on a row however that row may become unmovable. If a Wizard is played in it's proper rank position the row can still be moved. A stack with two Wizards can be moved only if they are both in their rank position and they are not adjacent to each other. The Wizards will not move off of the tableau until all the other cards have been moved to the foundations. Only Kings may be played on the canvas. Cards may be played from the foundations.


Keep the Wizards off of piles that contain face down cards. Once all the cards on the tableau are face up try to get the Wizards out of the way. Put them all on one row stack until the suit cards have been moved to the foundations. Since the Wizards will not play to the foundation until all the suit cards are on the foundations, and since only Kings will play on an empty row, one Wizard is dealt to the bottom of the second row from the left. If you move that Wizard and there is no other Wizard on the canvas, you will not be able to win the game.

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