Little Easy

Hanafuda type. 1 deck. Unlimited redeals.


Move all cards to the foundations.

Quick description

Play is similar to Klondike. The rows build down by rank in the same suit. The foundations build with cards of the same rank in suit order.


The rows build from first rank to fourth rank by suit. The foundations build in ascending suit order from Pine to Phoenix by rank. The third and fourth rank (trash) cards are not interchangeable on the tableau. Cards are dealt from the talon three at a time and there is no limit to the number of redeals. Cards may not be played from the foundations. Only first rank cards may be played on an empty row.


Disable auto drop and build on the rows until all cards are face up. These games may be easy by name and easy to play but they're not easy to win.


This game and documentation has been written by T. Kirk.

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