Mahjongg tile based solitaire games.


Remove all tiles from the tableau.

Quick description

Click on two matching tiles to remove them from the tableau.


Tiles may be removed from the tableau only in matching pairs and only if both tiles are free. A tile is free if there are no tiles on top of it and no tiles either to the right or left of it. A set of Mahjongg tiles has three suits of nine tiles plus three Dragons and four Winds, each of which is repeated four times. And there four Seasons and four Flowers. This makes a total of 144 tiles in a complete set. The three suits are usually called Sticks, Coins and Strings although other names are sometimes used. A three of Sticks will only match another three of Sticks. The Dragons are known by their colors which are usually red, green and white. A green Dragon will only match another green Dragon. The Winds are North, South, East and West. North will only match North etc. Any Flower will match any other Flower and any Season will match any other Season.


Remove tiles from the deepest stacks first.


Mahjongg is a game that requires four players referred to as the four winds. The first widely distributed computer solitaire game that used the Mahjongg tiles was called Shanghai and was produced by Activision.

General rules

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