Two-Deck game type. 2 decks. Varying number of redeals.


Move all cards to the tableau piles.


The object of this game is to build sequences until all the cards are used up. Cards are placed on Queens in descending order, following suit. Kings are placed on the empty spaces above the queens, and then cards are placed on the Kings in ascending order, starting with Ace, also following suit. For each rank you complete, (that is, having one card of each value) you get an extra chance at going through the talon. You are permitted to move cards from one pile to another, as long as you still follow the rules. The first time you go through the talon, the cards are given two at a time. The second time, it is three cards, and so on up to twelve. If by that time you have completed any ranks, your bonus runs start at eleven, then ten, and so on. You win if you complete all the ranks.

General rules

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