Matrix type. One deck. No redeals.


Restore game pieces to their proper order.


When the game opens the all game pieces except for the final piece are dealt to the tableau in their proper order. The pieces are then scrambled to a random pattern. With the larger grids it may take several seconds for the scrambling to be completed. Pieces may not be lifted from the canvas. They may be moved by clicking on a piece which is in either the row or the column which has the empty spot. That piece and all intervening pieces will move one space towards the empty spot. The image game piece sets are best used with the grid size for which they are designed. The size is indicated in the name of the set. King of Hearts 4x4, Players Trumps 10x10, etc. The default set of numbered pieces works with any grid size. When all the pieces have been restored to their correct order the final piece will be dealt to the tableau and the game has been won. Every Matrix game can be solved.


Begin in the upper left hand corner and complete one row before starting the next. Take a screen shot of the image sets before the game is scrambled.

General rules

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