Pas de Deux

Montana type. 2 decks. 1 redeal.


Group all cards on the tableau in sets of 13 cards in acscending sequence by suit from Ace to King. The first row in Club, the second in Spade, the third in Heart and the last in Diamond.


This solitaire is played with two separate decks. The first deck is shuffled and dealt out in four rows. The second deck is shuffled and becomes the talon.

Only the card that is of the same rank and suit as the top card of the waste can be moved. This card can be exchanged with any card on the same row or on the same column of the tableau.

After each move a new card is dealt from the talon to the waste. There is one redeal.

If you do not want to exchange a card just click on the talon.


Autodrop is disabled for this game.

General rules

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