Picture Gallery (Die Bildgallerie)

Two-Deck game type. 2 decks. No redeal.


Fill the entire Gallery with pictures.


The layout consists of three rows of playing piles, a row for newly- dealt cards, and a castoff pile for Aces.

All Aces are cast off to the pile on the right. Use the <A> key. When you clear a space on the tableau, you can only fill it with the right card:

You build up sequences incrementing by three, up to the face cards. Thus, in the first row, each pile is 4-7-10-K, in the second row 3-6-9-D, and in the third row, 2-5-8-B. Once a sequence has been started, you have to follow suit.

If you clear a space at the bottom it will get automatically filled with a card from the talon. But if the talon is gone and you clear a space at the bottom, then you can fill it with any card. When no further moves are possible, click on the talon for a fresh row of cards at the bottom.

You win when the entire Gallery is filled with pictures, that is, face cards.


Because of the many piles involved the Picture Gallery requires some concentration, but it is not too hard to win.

General rules

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