Sieben bis As

Montana type. 1 stripped deck. No redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


This game is played with one stripped deck.

This 32-card solitaire starts with the entire deck shuffled and dealt out in three rows and two extra reserves at the top. All Sevens from the rows are then dealt to the foundations thereby making initial free spaces.

You may move to a space only the card that matches the neighbor in suit, and is one greater in rank than the left neighbour or one less in rank than the right neighbour. Aces are high, so no cards may be placed to their right (they create dead spaces).

The foundations build up from Seven to King and then Ace. You may only move a card from the rows (and not from the reserves) to the foundations if it has an empty left neightbour - this implies that you cannot drop a card from the leftmost column without moving it somewhere else first.


Don't drop cards to early - you should turn off Autodrop for this game.

General rules

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